James Hiram Malone papers
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James Hiram Malone papers

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Auburn Avenue Research Library
Creator: Malone, James H., (James Hiram), 1930-
Title: James Hiram Malone papers
Dates: Bulk, 1990-1995
Dates: 1925-1995 1990-1995
Quantity: 4.0 cubic ft.
Abstract:The James Hiram Malone papers contain items from 1925-1995, with the bulk from 1990-1995, including Malone's resume, early photographs of Malone and his family, newspaper clippings from the Atlanta news leader and Atlanta news weekly including copies of his column Street beat, copies of his books, Brother and Malone's Atlanta, and his Black inventors' gift series paintings. The collection documents both his journalistic and artistic careers.
Identification: aarl95-001

Biographical/Historical Note

James H. Malone has become a prominent figure in the Atlanta area. For years, his paintings have adorned the walls of many public buildings throughout the city. Malone, who is 64-years-old, is also a journalist. He is the author a column, Street Beat, which is a collection of stories, poetry and pictures that depict the lives of everyday individuals. The collection has appeared in The Atlanta News Leader, as well as the Atlanta News Weekly. Malone attended Morehouse College and has also written two books, Brother and Malone's Atlanta. Additionally, he has been recognized in several notable bibliographies. Some of these include Portrait of An American Artist (1986), Who's Who in American Art (1990) and Who's Who Among Black Americans (1991). Malone became the first Georgian to win the National Scholastic Art Award and also received the Bronze Jubilee Award in 1986. Moreover, he has been highly recognized at several places throughout the area, as well. The Center for Creative Studies and the Neighborhood Arts Center, are two of them.

Malone currently resides in Atlanta and continues to lend his paintings and writings to various organizations throughout the city.

Scope and Content Note

This small collection, made up of personal items, as well as imaginative illustrations, was donated by James Hiram Malone in 1995. Among the items included are: Malone's personal resume, early photographs of Malone and his family, newspaper clippings from The Atlanta News Leader and Atlanta News Weekly, cartoon clippings and the Black Inventors' Gift Series Paintings, which were painted by the donor. In addition, two books by Malone,. Brother and Malone's Atlanta, are featured in the collection, as well.


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Index Terms

African American artists--Georgia--Atlanta.
African American journalists--Georgia--Atlanta.
Clippings (information artifacts)
Malone, James H., (James Hiram), 1930-
Malone, James H., (James Hiram), 1930- -- Black inventors' gift series
Malone, James H., (James Hiram), 1930- -- Brother
Malone, James H., (James Hiram), 1930- -- Malone's Atlanta
Paintings (visual works)

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Item, James Hiram Malone papers, Archives Division, Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History, Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System.


This collection was donated by James Hiram Malone in 1995.


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There are no restrictions on research use of this collection.

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Prior permission from the Research Library must be obtained in writing before any portion of this collection can be published or reproduced.

Related Material

Two additional paintings by Malone are available for public viewing in the far right corner of the Archives Division. They are mounted on the wall near the door labeled STAFF ONLY.

Container List




11James H. Malone's Personal Resume
2[Articles], 1989-1995
Article published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, " I Try To Write It Like They Like It", February 2, 1995
Article published in Wave Newspapers, " Writer Pushes Multiethnic Art for Disadvantaged Youngsters", March 22, 1995
Article published in The Headliner, " Malone Applies Himself for Literacy";, July/August 1989
Article published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, " In-school Exhibit Draws Raves from Kids", March 3, 1994
3Certificate of Merit presented to James H. Malone in 1949 for achievement in art, 1949
4[Photographs], 1938-1950
Photograph taken in 1938 of James H. Malone (eight-years-old) and brother Ralph Malone, Jr. (10-years-old), 1938
Photograph of James H. Malone at the "One Man Show" in, 1950
Photograph of James H. Malone kneeling beside paintings in, 1950
[Photographs], 1952-1995
Photograph taken in 1952 of James H. Malone at the Atlanta University Exhibition, 1952
Photograph taken in 1959 of James H. Malone at the Hunter Street Library at the "One Man Show", 1959
Photograph of James H. Malone, 1994
Photograph of James H. Malone standing beside a historical marker of his mother, 1995
6[Photographs], 1925-1935
Photograph of Ralph, Sr. and Sarah, James H. Malone's parents, 1925
Early 1930's photograph of James H. Malone's mother, 193-
7Paperback book by James H. Malone, Brother, Copyright: 1970
8Paperback book by James H. Malone, Malone's Atlanta, Copyright: 1986
9Paperback book edited by Kalamu ya Salaam, Black Poetry of the 80's From The Deep South, Copyright: 1990
(Pages 80-84 feature three poems written by James H. Malone: " What Happened Lord?," " Public Housing," and " Last Hired And First Fired".)
10Newspaper Clippings, 1949
Photograph clipped from the Atlanta Pictorial Reporter, December 17, 1949
(The background in the photograph was drawn by James H. Malone.)
Ralph cartoon clippings by James H. Malone
11Catalogue of Scholastic Magazine's Twenty-Second National High School Art Exhibition, May 7- June 1, 1949


2 Street Beat Newspaper Clippings from the Atlanta News Weekly, 1993-1994
(Street Beat is a column featured in the newspaper by James H. Malone.)
" Rain, Rain", March 4-10, 1993
" Exports Report Progress", March 11-17, 1993
" One Man's Dust, Another's Gold", April 1-7, 1993
" Walk on City Streets Recalls Old Days", May 13-19, 1993
" Nothing Like A Family", May 21 - June 2, 1993
" Wanna Write A Book? Go For It!", June 10-16, 1993
(not part of the Street Beat column)
" Come on! Exercise to a Different Beat", June 17-23, 1993
" Shopping for Bargains in the Hood", July 22-28, 1993
" Greenbriar's New Cinema Brings Back Old Memories", July 29 - August 4, 1993
" Save the Window Signs from the Neatniks", August 19-25, 1993
" Children Have Feelings, Too", August 26 - September 1, 1993
" Soda Machines are like Video Arcade", September 16-22, 1993
" Books Produce Top-Notch" Communities, September 23-29, 1993, two copies
" Bout the Upcoming Political Battle", September 30 - October 6, 1993
No Title Included with This Clipping, October 7-13, 1993
" Company is Coming to West Fulton Cluster", October 14-20, 1993
" Cliques: New Twist on Old Story", October 21-27, 1993
" Everybody's Talking About Mayor Mom", October 28 - November 3, 1993
" Until the Cows Come Home", November 4-10, 1993
" It's in the Mail", November 11-17, 1993
" Recycling could be the Catalyst", November 25 - December 1, 1993
" A Witness to a True Thanksgiving Spirit", December 16-22, 1993
" Raking with a Rhythm", December 23-29, 1993
" Food Stamps, Food Stamps Everywhere", February 3-9, 1994
" A Day at a Community Meeting", February 10-16, 1994
" Bankhead Exchange", February 17-23, 1994
" Stress-Mess", February 24 - March 2, 1994


3 Street Beat Newspaper Clippings from The Atlanta News Leader, 1994
(Like the previous newspaper, Street Beat by James H. Malone, also appears in this paper)
" Kids, Guns and Death", June 9-15, 1994
No Title Included with This Clipping, June 16-22,1994
" Young Fathers", June 23-29, 1994
(a poem)
No Title Included with This Clipping, June 30 - July 6, 1994
" The Regulars Discuss O.J.", July 7-13, 1994
" Doing the O.J. Simpson and other Street Tales", July 14-20, 1994
The Story of Hal and Debby, July 21-27, 1994
"Fats and his new Caddie Battle Atlanta's Roads", July 28 - August 3, 1994
" Needed: Understanding Between Black Men and Black Women", August 4-10, 1994
No Title Included with This Clipping, August 11-17, 1994
" A Day at the Cemetery", August 18-24, 1994
" When Cultures Join", August 25-31, 1994
" A Day in Atlanta's Traffic", September 1-7, 1994
" Debby's Woes", September 8-14, 1994
" A Day with the Downtown Vendors", September 22-28, 1994
" How to get a Brother to go with you to Church", October 13-19, 1994
" Flyboy Leaves Negative Weight in his Wake", October 20-26, 1994
" Harvard's Appointment Historic and Deserving", November 24-30, 1994
" Crime Bill, Assault Weapons, Gun Shows", December 8-13, 1994
" A Stranger's Sad Story", December 15-21, 1994


4Oversized Newspaper Clipping, 1994
" Artist's Work Enlivens TAP Offices" ( The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, July 1994)
Black Inventors' Gifts Series Paintings
R.F. Fleming, Jr.
Sara Boone
G.E. Beckett
W.B. Purvis
T.W. Steward
J.L. Love
J. W. Outlaw
J.A. Burr
W.H. Richardson
G.R. Morgan



51 The Bankhead Highway Beat Newspaper Clippings, April 11, 1991 thru December 30, 1992
2 Street Beat Newspaper Clippings, January 7, 1993 thru October 11, 1995
3 Malone's Atlanta
(Cartoon/comic items)
"Betcha I get 20 cards this Christmas...", Six copies
"How do I get to Stone Mountain from here?"
"Hi, Mom!"
4 Buttermilk Bottom, 1995

Newspaper Clipping; " Uncovering Buttermilk Bottom" the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, April 14, 1995
(Malone is featured in the article; photo included)

Brief historical flyer written by repoHISTORY Association in conjunction with the Atlanta Arts Festival
Flyer; Entering Buttermilk Bottom, September 17, 1995
Invitation to the public
5Additional Items, 1995
Program brochure; Georgia: State of the Arts Cultural Celebration program highlighting The Atlanta Project
Lyrics to the "Tap Song"
(written by Malone)
Photocopy of the score for the "Tap Song"
Newsletter; Online With TAP, September 25, 1995