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Atlanta University collection

Descriptive Summary

Repository: Auburn Avenue Research Library
Creator: Atlanta University.
Title: Atlanta University collection
Dates: Bulk, 1882-1965
Dates: 1865-1994 1882-1965
Quantity: 3.5 Linear feet
Abstract:The collection contains documents spanning the dates from 1865 to 1989, with the bulk of the material from the period 1882-1865, and relating to the history and operation of Atlanta University and later Atlanta University Center, including newspaper clippings, ephemera, presidential reports, general correspondence, financial documents, photographs, legal documents, and essays, memoirs, and speeches.
Identification: aarl89-017

Biographical/Historical Note

Atlanta University is the first all-black American graduate school. The University began as an undergraduate institution for post-baccalaureate studies in 1929, with John Hope as the president, from 1929 until the time of his death in 1936.

Actually, the history of Atlanta University began in classes established immediately after the end of the Civil War, for the children of slaves whose humanity had been acknowledged by the winning of that terrible war. These classes said, in effect, that there had been a purpose to all the war's suffering, that the situation of the children of the slaves was not hopeless, that they would be led to the highest expression of their humanity. These first classes were held in a church and in a railroad boxcar, which was to be the "future Atlanta University".

Today, the catalogue of Atlanta University lists five schools with various programs for candidates for the Master's Degree: Arts and Sciences, Social Work, Business Administration, Education, and Library Service.

The Atlanta University Center is comprised of Morehouse College, an Undergraduate School for Men; Spelman College, an Undergraduate School for women; and Atlanta University, a Co-educational Graduate School, which was founded in 1929. In later years, three other Black Colleges were established in Atlanta: Clark, Morris Brown, and a Theological Seminary joined the complex, making it the largest educational center for African-Americans in the world.

Scope and Content Note

The Atlanta University Collection contains an extended documentation of correspondence, administrative records, which include meetings, business records, financial records and political fund raising. The bulk of this material falls between the years 1865 and 1965, and it is arranged into the following series: I. Printed Materials (1882-1929) II: Presidential Reports and Minutes (1894--1965); III General Correspondence and Historical Sketch (1865-1900s); IV. Financial Documentation (1899-1900s); V. Photographs and Portraits, (1865-1900s); VI. Legal and Legal-Style Documents, (1870-1900s); VII. Literary Productions

Index Terms

African American universities and colleges--Georgia--Atlanta--History--19th century.
African American universities and colleges--Georgia--Atlanta--History--20th century.
African Americans--Education (Higher)--Georgia--Atlanta.
Atlanta University.
Clippings (information artifacts)
Financial records.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation note

Atlanta University collection. Archives Division, Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History, Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System.

Processing Information

Processed by Regina Broh-Gastin, 1989

Revised May, 1994.


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There are no restrictions on the research use of this collection.

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11Pamphlet - Dept. of Education, Rules and Regulations - Alabama., 1922 View online.
2Pamphlets, leaflets, 1923, 1927, undated View online.
Pamphlet - Colleges of Arts and Sciences, 1923, 2 copies
News item- sent to Rev. Horace Bumstead, n.d., 2 copies
Pamphlet - " Read It. It Will Interest You", n.d.
Leaflet - A Soldier of the Cross, 1927
Booklet - Little Blue Book- The Best Negro Jokes, No. 1012, n.d.
3Pamphlets, 1872, 1920, 1924, undated View online.
Pamphlet - Times of Refreshing, 1872
Pamphlet - Atlanta University - The "Open Door" Pageant-Drama, 1924
Pamphlet - Atlanta University List of the Living Graduates, 1920
Booklet - The Oglethorpe Practice School of Atlanta University, n.d.
4Pamphlets, 1916, 1926, undated View online.
Pamphlet - Knoxville College Bulletin, 1916, 2 copies
Bulletin: - The University Accrediting System, 1926
Document: Results of Examinations, n.d.
5Leaflets and clippings, 1882, 1888, 1928-1929, undated View online.
Leaflet - Address of Mr. H. M. Sessions, 1882
Leaflet - Rev. Horace Bumstead, D. D, n.d.
Leaflet - The Work of Atlanta University - Stone Hall; Atlanta, n.d.
Leaflet - Atlanta University, February, 1888
Leaflet - Pioneer Negro College in Georgia, 1928-1929
Leaflet - "From the Boston Transcript" - Robert L. Smith of Texas, n.d.
Newspaper clippings, 1897-1901
6Newspaper clippings, 1800s-1900s View online.
7Newspaper clippings - AJC & New York Weekly Tribune, 1868-1872 View online.
8Programs, 1865-1926 View online.
Atlanta University - The Inauguration, n.d.
Contest for The Herndon Prizes, 1915-1927
Atlanta University -Forty-Second/Forty Third Commencement, 1911-1912
Atlanta University - Thirty-Sixth Commencement, 1905
Card-AU dates of services, 1865-1923, 2 copies
Church program - Beneficent Congregational Church, 1921
Old South Church, 1920
The Central Baptist Church, 1921
The Lincoln University Music Club, 1926
9Presidential reports and minutes, 1883-1929 View online.
Cotains Presidential Reports made by former Atlanta University presidents, from 1894-1901.
President Report Horace Bumstead, 1894-1901, 11 pages
Minutes, 1883-1929
Include General report
President's Report to the Trustees, 1926

Literary Productions, 1869-1920

Box: 1 Folder: 10
Contains a brief history of Atlanta University, a Co-educational Graduate School, which was founded in 1929. The biographical information in this series is particularly rich with references to the various Presidents of the early days, and the first classes, which were held in a church and in a railroad boxcar.
Includes an essay by Mr. M.H. Hardy, n.d.
Includes an essay, by Mr. William Anderson, May 30, 1869
Three essays by Maxwell, n.d.
Every Man Ought to Labor
Regular Education
Some Objection to Our Protective System
AU Alma Mater song - " Hail to Thee"
Comments to help in College Survey (college work actually done), 1919-1920
Tribute to "Old Bill", n.d.
11Correspondence, 1918, 1921, 1926 View online.
Contains general correspondence from 1895 to 1929.
Correspondence To Mr. Hodges (no signature), 1921
Correspondence To Mr. Monroe Work (no signature), 1921
Correspondence To Mr. David R. Porter (no signature), 1921
Correspondence: To Myron W. Adams, from Chief Clerk, 1921
Correspondence: To Directors of Summer Schools, from J. K. Norton, 1926
Correspondence: To President Ware, from Personnel Officer, 1918
12Correspondence: To the Trustees (pages 1-17), 1919 View online.
13Correspondence, 1919, 1927, 1929 View online.
Correspondence: To the President of AU, 1927
Correspondence: To Dr. Adams, 1929
Correspondence: To President Ware, 1919
14Correspondence, 1879-1928 View online.
Correspondence: To the Western Reserve Law School, 1928
Correspondence: To Mr. Horace Bumstead, 1895-1902, 2 letters
Correspondence: To Professor Thomas N. Chase, 1895
Correspondence: To Dr. M. W. Adams, President., 1924
Correspondence: From War Department, 1879
15Correspondence, 1884, 1926 View online.
Correspondence: To Dr. Adams from Vera Jackson - see back page, 1926
Correspondence: To Hon. Thomas E. Johnson from, E. A. Pound, 1926
Correspondence: To President of AU, from W. J. Blackshear, 1884
Correspondence: To Hon. Thomas E. Johnson, 1926
16Correspondence, 1876, 1901, 1921, 1926, 1928 View online.
Correspondence: To Mr. Orr from C. Cuthbert Hall, 1901
Correspondence: To Rev. E. A. Ware, A. M., from W. M. L., 1876
Correspondence: To Hon. W. H. Pearce, 1928
Correspondence: To A. U., from W. H. Pearce, 1928
Correspondence: To Hon Thomas E. Johnson, 1926
Correspondence: To Dr. Adams, from E. A. Pound, 1926
Correspondence: To (Western Union Telegram) Dr. Myron Adams, 1921
17Financial Documentation View online.
Contains notes executed for money borrowed; daybooks, journals; bills and receipts; bank statements and checks; and ledgers.
Contains Treasurer financial reports; ownership for Farm Property, 1897-1900s
Financial Donations, 1906
18Expense Report, 1927-1929 View online.
19Financial Documentation, 1870-1921 View online.
Financial Statements, 1870-1921
Financial Donations, 1872-1883
203 photographs: 1) Carpentry room; 2) door; 3) Identical photographs View online.
214 photographs: 1) Students in domestic and machinery classes (5 pictures) 2) A chapel; 3) A carpentry class with a birdcage View online.
22Legal documents, 1890-1907, undated View online.
Document: RESOLVED, no date
Petition to the Superior Court of Fulton County, 1890-1907



21Annual Reports to Trustees of AU, 1896-1900 View online.
2Monthly Reports, 1923-1926 View online.
3Monthly Reports to Trustees, 1871-1929 View online.
4Minutes and monthly reports, 1889, 1923-1929 View online.
Special meeting of the Trustees, 1927
Minutes - Rev. Dr. Beard, 1889
Monthly Reports - To the Trustees of the Atlanta University, 1923-1929
5Trustees Annual Meeting, 1925-1926 View online.
6Trustees Annual meeting and clipping View online.
Trustees Annual Meeting, 1907-1925
Newspaper clipping -, 1902
7Leaflets - Donations for December, 1906 & 1907, 1906-'07 View online.
8Printed material, 1889-1902, 1907 View online.
Leaflets, 1889-1902
By-laws of the corporation " The Trustees of the Atlanta University", 1907
Essay by J. H. Dillard - Rural Education and Education, n.d.
9Documents, undated View online.
Document: Faculty, n.d.
Document: Professional Schools, n.d.
Document: A new University - The Gilbert Haven, n.d.
No. 52 - Statement, n.d.
10Correspondence and blueprints, 1923, undated View online.
Correspondence: To Mr. Adams, from Harry J. Carlson, 1923
11Typescript and document, 1922, undated View online.
Typescript - by James H. Dillard, 1922
Document: Beginnings Of Education Among The Freedmen In Atlanta, n.d.
12Document: Claim against Atlanta University, 1870s View online.
13Correspondence, 1890s View online.
Correspondence: Student of the Preparatory course, 1890s
Correspondence: "Daughter of The King", 1891
14Documents: Committee/Trustees Papers, 1920-1923 View online.
15Correspondence, 1913-1926 View online.
Correspondence: To Mrs. I. S. Koons, (not signed), 1918
Correspondence: To Mr. P. C. Harris, (not signed), 1920
Correspondence: To The President, AU, from Adjutant General, 1920
Correspondence: From Local Secretary to "Friends", 1913
Correspondence: To Dr. C. H. Shepard, (not signed), 1926
Correspondence: To Dr. N. P. Colwell, (not signed), 1924
Correspondence: To Dr. W. B. Weatherford, (not signed), 1921
Correspondence: To President J. L. Peacock, (not signed), 1924
Correspondence: To The Rev. George L. Paine, (not signed), 1923
Correspondence: To Rev. Lawrence Fenninger (2 letters, not signed), 1923
Correspondence: To Mr. Webster, from George L. Paine, Chairman, 1923
Correspondence: To Mr. Kelsey, (2 letters, not signed), 1921
16Personal correspondence - AU President, Horace Bumstead, 1874-1908 View online.
17Personal correspondence - Dr. M. W. Adams, A. U. President., 1917-1923 View online.
18Personal correspondence - Edward T. Ware, A. U. President., 1869-1922 View online.
19Documents and financial statements, 1868, 1869, 1920-1924 View online.
Document: The John F. Slater Fund, n.d.
Document: Statement of the claim - American Missionary Association, 1869
Document: The Jeanes Fund, 1922-1924
Document: Lease Agreement, 1868
Financial Statements - (3 statements), 1920-1923
20Blue Print - To build school library, 1941 View online.
21Programs - The Open Door - Negro Pageants, 1919-1924 View online.
22Leaflets - Atlanta University, 1900-1907 View online.
23Document: Statistics compiled for Sociological Dept., 1924-1928 View online.
24Correspondence, 1885, 1908, 1926, 1928 View online.
Correspondence: From Horace Bumstead to Mr. Edward, 1908
Correspondence: From Mrs. H. B. Spelman, to H. W. Hubbard, 1885
Correspondence: To Dr. Adams from E. M. Murray, 1926
Correspondence: To Myron W. Adams, from John W. Withers, 1928
Correspondence: To The Registrar, 1926
25Correspondence: To Dr. J. L. M. Curry, from Horace Bumstead, 1896 View online.
26Newspaper clippings, 1889-1926 View online.
27Newspaper clippings, 1883-1900 View online.
28Newspaper and clippings, 1888-1900 View online.
29Newspaper and clippings, 1884-1902 View online.
30Newspaper clippings, 1883-1902 View online.
31Correspondence: To Dr. Ware, 1870-1883 View online.
32Correspondence: To Mr. M. W. Adams, 1906-1924 View online.
33Correspondence: To the Arnold family, 1918 View online.
34Correspondence: To Mr. Bumstead, 1882-1887 View online.
35Correspondence: To Hon. A. T. Allen, 1869-1923 View online.
36Correspondence: To Mr. Bumstead, 1883-1887 View online.
37Correspondence: To Mrs. E. W. Arnold, 1918 View online.
38Resolutions - "The life and death of Rev. G. W. Arnold", 1923 View online.
39Reports - Colored Student, 1910-1928
40Deeds - Atlanta University, 1910 View online.
41Song Booklet "Honey Town" (Plantation Lullaby) View online.
42Correspondence from War Department, 1918 View online.



31Photographs View online.
2Photographs & Portraits View online.
3Photographs View online.
4Photographs View online.
5Photographs View online.
6Photographs View online.
7Photographs View online.
8Photographs View online.



41Report of Atlanta University, written by A. D. Mayo, A. M. L. L. D., 1898
2Report - Trustee of the John F. Slater Fund, 1891
3Correspondence, 1909-1911, 1924 View online.
Correspondence To Mrs. M. Case, 1909-1911
Correspondence To Mr. J. Whittaker, 1924
4Correspondence To Mr. Bumstead, 1881-1908 View online.
5Correspondence To Mr. Bumstead, 1881-1895 View online.
6Correspondence, 1886, 1924-1927 View online.
Correspondence To Mr. J. Conniff, 1924
Correspondence To Honorable James E. Hillman, 1927
Correspondence To Mr. C. Andrews, 1926
Correspondence To Mr. Adam Leroy Jones, 1925
Correspondence To Bio, Ayer, 1866
7Reports, 1905, 1925-1926, 1929 View online.
Report: Of Atlanta University to Slater Board, 1905
Report: "Ratings of Negro Colleges and Normal Schools", 1925-1926
Report: Mineralogical and Geological Cabinets of A U, 1929
8Correspondence, 1867-1954 View online.
Correspondence: To President E. A. Ware, 1869-1883
Correspondence: The American Missionary, 1867-1954
9Documents: Request for aid from the General Education Board, 1916 View online.
10Documents, 1904, undated View online.
Documents: Address, 1904
Documents: General Rules for Students of A. U., n.d.
11Correspondence, 1918, 1922-1926 View online.
Correspondence: To Mrs. Arnold, from Victor Jenkins, 1918
Correspondence: To M.W. Adams, 1922-1926
121868, 1883-1894, 1919, 1958 View online.
Program: "In Memoriam of Major Horace Bumstead", 1919
Booklet: The Source of The Traditions of Atlanta University, 1958
Contracts: Georgia Fulton County, 1868
Correspondence: To Mr. Bumstead, 1883-1894
13Reports: Teachers' monthly reports - schools aided by the Peabody Fund, 1870 View online.
14Correspondence, 1866-1867, 1905-1910, 1922, 1926 View online.
Correspondence: Miss Frances B. Clemmer, 1905-1910
Correspondence: To Mr. Ayer from E. W. Cravath, 1867
Correspondence: To Lab School Cincinnati, 1866
Correspondence: To Hon. John W. Rittinger, 1926
Correspondence: To Professor J. O. Huff, 1922
15Correspondence, 1872-1875, 1922 View online.
Correspondence: To Dr. Worth Hale, 1922
Correspondence: To The Committee on Admissions, 1922
Correspondence: To The Hon. Mayor and Council of the City of Atlanta, 1872-1875
16Correspondence and certificate, 1900s, 1922, 1924-1927 View online.
Correspondence: To Rev. Myron W. Adams, Acting President, 1922
Correspondence: To Mr. M. W. Adams, 1927
Correspondence: To President M. W. Adams, 1924-1926
Certificate: Blank Graduate State Certificate-State of Florida, 1900s



51Photograph: 1 photograph (5"x8"), n.d. View online.
2Single Entry Ledger - includes receipts and disbursements records, 1921 View online.
3Receipts and Disbursements Records (People's Pharmacy), 1919-1920
4Day Book - students' accounts, 1926-1927
5Day Book students' accounts on tuition and board, 1920-1926
Booklets, 1920-1921, 1926-1927



61Booklet: Higher Education Law, 1927
1Booklet: How-to-Know-the-Will-of-God, 1920
1Booklet: GEORGIA, Education Directory and System of Certification, 1921
1Booklet: Thine Only Son or The Stewardship of Family Life, 1920
1Booklet: The Fulfillment of Life, 1920
1Booklet: The Supreme Decision of a Christian Student, 1920
1Booklet: GEORGIA Educational Directory, 1926-1927
2Flyers - Working to End Apartheid" South Africa, 1989
3Reports/Essays -by members of the American Missionary Association, 1869 View online.
4Documents, 1870 View online.
Documents - From War Department, 1870
Documents - Property Account, 1870
5Abstracts: Articles received from various sources at Atlanta, Ga., 1870 View online.
6Accounts - Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, 1870 View online.
73 Street maps - connected to Atlanta University, n.d. View online.
8Programs: Annual Concert; A. U. Glee Club and Orchestra, 1924-1925 View online.
9Document: "The Oglethorpe School & Kindergarten School open", 1900 View online.
10Wills, 1894, 1897 View online.
Will: Will of the late Chas. T. Wilder, 1897
Will: Will of Ruby Tilden Pain, 1894
11Documents, 1890, 1903, 1918-1919 View online.
Document: Newton County, Georgia, 1903
Document: The Petition of the Covington Colored Orphans' Home, 1903
Document: The petition of Dinah Watts Pace, 1890
Document: Inventory/Regulations and Manuals, 1919
Document: Report on academic standing of Section A of the, S.A.T.C., 1918
Document: Articles of Agreement, 1918
12Accounts: Sales of Public Property to Atlanta University, 1870-1927 View online.
13Reports: Monthly Vouchers, 1870 View online.
14Correspondence, 1895-1907, 1920-1921 View online.
Correspondence: To Mr. Myron W. Adams (President), 1920-1921
Correspondence: To Mr. Horace Bumstead, 1895-1907
Correspondence: To Mr. Edward Twichell Ware (President), 1921
Correspondence: To Dr. N. P. Colwell, 1920-1921
Correspondence: to Mr. T. J. Woofter, 1921
15Negro Spirituals - arranged for Solo Voice by H. T. Burleigh, n.d.
16Thesis handbook and programs
Thesis Handbook - by G. Lewis Chandler and N. P. Tillman, 1947
Program - Commencement Convocation, 1994
Program - Commencement, 1994
17Newspaper clippings: Articles on "The Open Door" Negro Pageant Show, 1800-1900 View online.
18Newspaper clippings, 1921, 1924 View online.
Newspaper clippings: The Hartford Daily Courant "The Open Door", 1921
Newspaper clippings: The News Carrier, 1924
Newspaper clippings: The Springfield Union, 1921
19Newspaper clippings: The Hartford Daily Times, 1921 View online.
20Newspaper clippings: Articles on the Negro Pageant Show View online.
21Newspaper clippings, 1901, 1921 View online.
Newspaper clippings: The Springfield Sunday Republican, 1921
Newspaper clippings: The New York Times, 1901
22Newspaper articles: "No Good In Negro", 1900 View online.
23Document: Application of A. U. to the Trustees of Slater Fund, 1903 View online.
Document: North Carolina State Board of Education (2 copies), 1926
Correspondence: To Hon. James E. Hillman, 1927
25Documents, 1921, undated View online.
Document: " The First Arrival" - the history of Atlanta University, n.d.
Document: Transcript from class, n.d.
Document: Lawsuit against the American Missionary Association, 1921
26Correspondence and photograph, 1918-1922, undated View online.
Correspondence: From War Department, 1918-1922
Photograph (on a fabric), 4"x6" - men in a blacksmith class, n.d.